Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dream aloud.


Eleven minutes into the morning, and I want to drive into the full moon. I want to see the world in another light. I want to get travel high. Live in nostalgia. Find my roots. Walk a mile. I want to explore the unexplored, emotions and places alike. I want to run in the sand, fall, and get back up again. Ride a motorcycle in eyes of envy. Jump off a cliff with fears of death. Race to swing the highest. Hug tight, and never let go. Write until the ink runs out. Embarrass myself, and run away.

I want to wait aimlessly.

Cross a border. Meet a celebrity, and give them my autograph. Fall for the worst romantic cliché. Make cupcakes. Blow a candle on my unbirthday. Fight and make up. Write a letter and lick the envelope. Fall asleep under the blanket of midnight sky. Cry over a sad movie. Laugh until my cheeks hurt.

I want to make an enemy.

Sing my heart out. Dance with my own shadow. Buy happiness and throw it out the next day. Worry less. Have a picnic by a waterfall. Forget tomorrow and live in the now. Love without fear. Believe in lies. Play hide and seek. Let go. Make mistakes. Count the stars, only to lose count. Materialize my thoughts. Start a fire, in your heart. Be better. Inspire someone. Lose myself in the game of life.

I want to give my all.

I'm (not) always this ambitious, I swear.