Thursday, June 14, 2012

Monday, June 4, 2012



It's funny where all the little things take you. How the most minute details can change the outlook of what is to come. I am not a believer of fate. Nor am I an advocate for the create-your-own-destiny mentality. I just try to let things run their courses. I try, and then sometimes, I fail at trying. Naivety gets the better of me when I decide to become a master in the trajectory of my life. I would attempt to calculate change, because control is comforting. But then I remember— I thrive off of spontaneity and live for the exciting, dangerous land of uncertainty. I remember— how happy I am right now, at the way everything unfolded, never knowing at any point what is going to happen next. And that is really all that I had wanted, for all the little things to take me to a road of innocent, uncomplicated happiness.