Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I wish,

to wish myself a happy day of birth
and feed myself the comfort of cake and affection.
Make ridiculously pointless desires upon cheap wax candles
and gorge in a wistful celebration of self-absorption.

7497 days young.

Does it have to be every three hundred and sixty fifth?


  1. i hope you had a good birthday. i personally dont like getting older, i still have to come to terms with that, but it is in our mind to make the best of the time we are given and dont let opportunities to be happy and free pass us by. that's why my personal way of living is "i let go for a living" , that's why my own blog is called that way.

    Forever young.

    "You will find more happiness growing down than up."
    ~Author Unknown

    1. Thank you for the kind words. My birthday is not until late summer, but I was in search of a happy occasion, one that celebrates without reason. The stigma of Hallmark holidays, more than anything, ruins the serendipity of our lives. We become so fixated with expectations that we lose sight of every other moments that sometimes are much more precious than a certain preset day. It is definitely in our mind to make the best of our time.


    2. Your words take me to a whole new realm of bliss.


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